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HurryHurry.lk is the emerging online store in Sri Lanka, owned and operated by Sandan Lanka Holdings Private Limited. The HurryHurry.lk online store is one of the pioneering e-commers platforms in Sri Lanka and it offers a wide range of deals and original branded products with warranty, multiple payment options and island wide delivery. We strive to offer our customers the complete shopping experience on a click of a button through high quality exiting new products & services. At HurryHurry.lk, we are building a reputation of quality and high standards in e-commers. Our dedicated staff is highly trained & motivated in satisfying our customers.


Each product item is carefully checked before appearing on HurryHurry.lk.

We believe that customers service matters and are always happy to assist you via phone, e-mail or social media.


All these products are under the brand reputation, with clear origins, competitive pricing, warranty and maintenance products very carefully.


Deliveries within Colombo will be handed over to delivery within 3 working days.

Deliveries outside Colombo may take longer than 3 working days depending on the distance.

Customers will be notified at the earliest possible time if there any unavoidable delays with their order.

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